Until the Day I Die

by Twilight Fields



“Until the Day I Die” is the debut single by Twilight Fields, a band from Northern Canada that makes a mixture of atmospheric, progressive and psychedelic rock with influences from dream-pop, sunshine pop, psych-folk and shoegaze.

This song is a tribute to true, unconditional love. The main influences on this positive-themed debut come from Sunshine Pop (Beach Boys, The Millennium), as well as beloved pop acts like The Bats and The Go-Betweens that we have listened to for many years.

The b-side ambient-influenced ballad, “I Will Light Your Way, part 1” is exclusively available on Bandcamp.



released February 29, 2016



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Twilight Fields

Twilight Fields is from Northern Canada and makes a mixture of atmospheric and psychedelic rock and influences from progressive rock, ambient, dream-pop, psych-folk and shoegaze. This music asks big questions about life and loss; it's serious music for serious-minded people. See also thegatelessgate.bandcamp.com ... more

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Track Name: I Will Light Your Way, part 1
In the night, cold light
Comes into your room
From the snow, the stars and sodium glow

You feel the pain
Gaining ground again
And in your heart you've never felt so old

Hold on, I will light your way

I'll take your pain into mine
I'll give you all my strength
And I will light your way
Hold on