Peggy Gordon

by Twilight Fields



Peggy Gordon is a romantic folksong collected in Canada but based on a lyrical template that is featured on a number of British folksongs, another example being "Banks of the Sweet Primroses". Our rock version combines a Spector/Brian Wilson wall-of-sound approach with a shoegaze influence.

The Bold Poachers is an old English song with a tragic theme. Poor people often "poached" game from the estates of the rich landowners to feed their families, and the punishment usually did not fit the crime — sometimes exile to a colony like Australia, or even death.


released July 4, 2016



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Twilight Fields

Twilight Fields is from Northern Canada and makes a mixture of atmospheric and psychedelic rock and influences from progressive rock, ambient, dream-pop, psych-folk and shoegaze. This music asks big questions about life and loss; it's serious music for serious-minded people. See also ... more

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