Further Up, Further In!

by Twilight Fields



“Further Up, Further In!” is the debut full-length album by Twilight Fields.

Philosophical in tone, the songs deal with the crises of a crumbling human world and damaged environment, but also humankind’s place in the greater universal context and the need for a drastic upswing in compassion and love to help us find our way.

The expansive sound and reflective, philosophical tone of this record stem from many influences, from psychedelic and progressive rock to eighties neo-psych and alternative, psych-folk, and even ambient and shoegaze. My way of musical thinking has been strongly affected by spacy prog acts like Pink Floyd, Strawbs, Barclay James Harvest, and The Moody Blues, the cosmic psych of Hawkwind and Amon Düül II, but also the intelligence, passion and depth of eighties bands like The Waterboys, Midnight Oil, New Model Army, and The Church, and the wistful sounds of seventies British folk songwriters like Richard Thompson and Sandy Denny — as well as the vocal arrangements of The Beach Boys.

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Allister Thompson has been a solo folkie but also a member of cult 70s-style glam band Crash Kelly. He has recorded Krautrock under the project name The Gateless Gate and a psych album as Khan Tengri, as well as several solo folk albums. His 2009 progressive rock album Shadowlands was well-received by progressive rock reviewers. Teri-Lynn Janveau is a classically trained pianist who also has composed and played as a member of The Gateless Gate. Tim Timleck is a veteran Canadian drummer with such playing and recording credits as Carole Pope, Emm Gryner and Universal Honey, amongst many others.
See also: thegatelessgate.net

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"'Further Up, Further In!' is a beautiful album, but much more than that it is a deeply thoughtful and intelligent one."
-Dayz of Purple and Orange

"'Further Up, Further In'! ... definitely offers a lot of food for thought that one might not be too keen to dwell on during the summer months, but which is rather fitting for the more reflective season in front of us. And don’t you despair: 'We still hope to change this place and make our lives more than toil and waste' – these are the record’s final lines. stating that transformation is still a possibility. All it takes is determination and hard work - and kindness..."
-Find a Song

"This album has so many unique attributes, along with mature lyrics, and beautifully constructed songs and music. For anyone who loves progressive, ambient and even modern folk music (and a fair number of other genres), I cannot recommend this album enough."
-Beehive Candy

"Never, ever allow anyone to tell you that there is no good music being made today. Ever! Twilight Fields is a band out of Northern Canada, but you wouldn’t know it judging by the influences they’ve sponged up into their body of work. One can easily hear touches of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, the acid folk of The Incredible String Band, and more modern psychedelic fare from groups like Spacemen 3 and Spectrum.
The crisp recording adds to the pleasure of hearing this recording on a great set of headphones. A highly recommended release"
-A Miscellany of Tasteful...

"OK, they hooked me with the droning psychedelic core sound, romantic vocals, light glockenspiel accent, AND a mellotron. You really can’t screw that formula up if you can write songs. And this Canadian band from way, way up in North Bay can write the songs. And with that cold rugged terrain surrounding a beautiful lake, they have plenty of inspiration. And there is a lot of beauty in the music."
-DC Rock Live

"Twilight Fields debut album Further up, Further In! is an entire album of sincerity, reality and some of the most heartfelt vocals I have ever heard from Allister Thompson and the musicianship presented here is astoundingly beautiful throughout as the record keeps your heart beating in ways you have forgotten over time because you have allowed technology to replace your feelings at times, many times, most of the time or even all of the time these days. This album brings you back in to the fold of the pack of emotions and allows you to let them loose and free once more in a joyous expression of non-regret that you are teary eyed in a few or many points throughout this album."
-Progressively So

"...a perfect balance of 70’s psychedelic music with modern contemplative shoegaze ... psych-fuzzy guitars, psych-acoustic songs, shoegaze delays, vintage organs and nice melodies, everything that you psych-heads over there love to listen."
-Oblique Musique

"His broad influence of musical styles is melted down to a beautiful symbiosis on this record. There are sweet and fragile moments, and some wonderful melody lines such as on Ring in the New Age. Your mind jumps from some late-60s flower power memories, to the classic rock styles of the 80s, and finally to the ambient/post rock radio songs of today. Spacey and psychedelic parts underline dark moods or find themselves being an intro. All-in-all this is a cool sounding, mostly slight-grooving album, that is packed with musical ideas and lovely tunes."
-DPRP Weekend Prog


released September 6, 2016

Allister Thompson - vocal, guitar, keyboards, bass
Teri-Lynn Janveau - piano, vocal
Tim Timleck - drums
The Celestial Choir - background vocals

Drums recorded at South River Sound, Toronto, Ontario (southriversoundrecording.com)
Cover illustration and design by Emma Dolan (emmadarkandweird.com)
Special thanks to Michael Dilauro of South River Sound for his technical assistance.


all rights reserved



Twilight Fields

Twilight Fields is from Northern Canada and makes "ambient rock" with influences from progressive rock, ambient, dream-pop, psych-folk and shoegaze. This music asks big questions about life and loss. Look for party-rock elsewhere. See also thegatelessgate.bandcamp.com ... more

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Track Name: Song of the End
Now it’s the end of time
No more straight lines
There’s nothing to know
And there’s nowhere to go

The sun is burning out
The air is getting thin
But there’s still a universe
That can be found within

The end will come for us
As though we never were
All this I can see
Now I know my worth

Now there is no future
Nor is there a past
Now I search for a place
Where there’s no first and no last
Track Name: Further Up, Further In
You stumble through the streets, drenched in rain
To find a way to ease this mortal pain
Somewhere far away, the sun is setting fast
Sometime years away, you think about the past

Somewhere far away, she looks down on you alone
Living out your life on this tiny stone

Melancholy minds pass you by in darkness
They’re empty souls with no sins to confess
Somewhere inside them a spark is still glowing
Somewhere inside them a love may be growing

Light years away, a star implodes in silence
If we could see it, the mysteries might make some sense

Somewhere ahead, you foretell your end
Stars, as they fall, lead you further up and further in

Now comes a message from another world
From the mind of a lonely girl
Somewhere outside she felt you calling
Somehow she knew that you were falling

Sometime far ahead, you witness a birth
and you’re finally glad that you graced this Earth

Somewhere ahead, you foretell your end
Stars, as they fall, lead you further up and further in
Track Name: Black Rain Fall
The Earth keeps on turning
As empires rise and fall
No lessons ever learned
By man who stands so tall
Hear the voices of the millions
Sacrificed in vain
If you really want to
You can feel their pain

Let it come down
Let the black rain fall
Let it come down
Bring judgement on us all

The ice is quickly melting
But profits must be made
All things that live and die
Are just a balance on a page
The few, the lucky ones
Rule over all as kings
But the spirits of the fallen
You can hear them sing

Let it come down
Let the black rain fall
Let it come down
Bring judgement on us all

The Earth recoils at what we've done to it
The unborn cry to us for rescue
The hand of time will sweep the record clean
Yet you still ask us
What does this all mean?

We told you

Let it come down
Let the black rain fall
Let it come down
Bring judgement down on us all

We told you it was love
We told you it was kindness
Track Name: We Were Young
When we were young
We sat up in a tree
Gazing down on the busy
The busy world below
At peace

When we were young
We ran through the cemetery
Over the grass
And hiding behind the bushes
We were alive

When we were young
All things were our friends
The sun and wind and clouds and sky
Our companions
We were real

And now that we're old
Let's go back in time
Let's let go of all the pain
All the pain and sorrow
And be free to be children again
Track Name: Our Anthem (99)
When we were young they told us that
We’d inherit utopia

That they’d make with their blood, sweat, and brains
Now we’re older nothing’s changed

Now your wars have all been won
You’re hiding in your mansion in the sun

The sun still looks the same
This world will never change
We try to get used to it
Postwar dreams soon turn to rust
Compassion changes to mistrust
Our leaders tell us to get used to it

Now our light is growing dim
And our poisons fill the air
It is a legacy your child will find so hard to bear

But don’t feel bad if we don’t seem so grateful to you
It’s not like we could have done any better

The sun still looks the same
This world will never change
We’ll have to get used to it
As we watch our world devoured
By lust for money and for power
We can’t get used to it

They told us we’d all walk on the moon
They told us all poverty would end soon
An end to toil, an end to pain
But their dreams were washed away in acid rain

The sun still looks the same
This world will never change
We’ll have to get used to it

Now our souls no longer fly
And no one’s asking why
They’ll just get used to it

Another century rolls by
And we’re no closer to the sky
We’ll just get used to it

The stars are still so far away
and this distance we can’t change
We’ll never get used to it
Track Name: Moor Spirits
Now as you lie down to sleep, little one
The bloody phantoms of the night, hear them come
Gathering outside your room
Whispering words of doom

A cold wind blows across these barren hills
Faint voices from the other world call you still
Come with us, they moan
Whispering, sobbing cold as stone

Bar the door, build the fire
This is the night they come to life
All who sinned, all who killed
Raped and maimed and felt no shame
In a wave of darkest hate
Like a tide over this land
If you let them in, they'll take you away
To dwell in the shade
Till the end of time

Open your eyes and have no fear, little one
Come out from under the sheets, now we are come
Gathered around your bed
Now you must join the dead
Track Name: Ring in the New Age
Under grey skies, the skyscrapers loom
Beacons blazing like rabid eyes
Factories lurk there on the shore
Always working, always wanting more

Our gazes fixed to our screens
In data lies our faith renewed
Financial gods have blessed our lives
With promises of more to buy

We deny our destiny
We only believe in what we see
False mantras fall from our lips
We see heaven in a microchip

Ring in the bright new age

No saviours to hang on a cross
No words to soothe us as we die
Just product placement all around
This empty heart is what we’ve found

We build vessels of steel and glass
And we tie ourselves to the mast
Gaze deep into the siren’s eyes
We cower under accusing skies

We dreamed of heaven or rebirth
We never looked for ours on earth
Cried out for love on radio waves
Man kills but money saves
Track Name: The City Hum
Somewhere in this still cold night
A drug enters a vein
Somewhere in this sea of lost souls
Someone cries a lover’s name

Down in a lakeside park
A body lies so still
While up in the penthouse
The champagne starts to chill

Hear the city, hear it hum

Somewhere in a stairwell
A knife flashes through the air
Somewhere a man with head in hands
Cries oh why can’t life be fair

Meanwhile in a bright-lit room
New life opens its eyes
And over in a lonely bed
A spark rises and then it dies

Hear the city, hear it hum
Stay with me, my only one

Let’s make the most of our time
Let’s take what we can take
From the moments we’ve been given
From the errors we have made
For the end is surely coming
The sharp edge of the blade
Suspended over our heads
My baby don’t you be afraid

On the northern border
Lights dwindle and fade
The vast and empty answer
to the prayers that we have made

While underneath the distant stars
A million lives start and end
Please don’t ever wipe away
the lies on which we depend

Let the city, let it hum
Track Name: This Is Not the End
Life is a deceptive span
It's here and then it's gone
So all the things I want to say
Will be in this song

We feel our way as we go
All I know is you are here
And when it's over for me
I hope that you'll still find me near

I hope the dream is real
This life is not the end
I can't believe that we must part
That I won't still be here with you

Some people live in loneliness
In fear of never finding the one
But can they imagine the sorrow
That comes when the song's been sung

I hope the dream is real
This life is not the end
I can't believe that we must part
That I won't still be here with you

This is not the end
Track Name: After the Fall
You're not the only one who finds this life hard
The vision of perfection still so far away
The stories your mum told you
When you were young
And by your bed the songs she sang
Told of a child under a guiding star

We still hope to find our place
Far away from the toil and waste

There's a piece of land that's going cheap
The ferry only comes once a week
The hills roll on till they reach the sea
That's the only place where we can be

You can keep searching here for solace
But you need a place where you can finally rest

Sometimes it feels like the weight of a thousand years
All the people who learned to restrain their tears
Still we're hoping to find the right way
To say to each other the things that we mean to say
We wander dazed through long grey halls
Before the flood, but after the fall

We still hope to change this place
And make our lives more than toil and waste

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